Sheave Blocks

Sheave blocks for wire ropes can be used in various combinations to increase the lifting or pulling capacity. It should be noted that when rope blocks are used, the load imposed on the supporting structure is increased by the value of the hoisting effort, as well as on the equipment that is used to connect the top hook or eye of the pulley blocks to the structure. There must be a deal of care taken to ensure that the structure, along with all of the hook equipment (trolleys, beams, clamps, etc), is of adequate capacity.

Check List

  • What capacity do you need?
  • Do you want a snatch block?
  • Do you want a multi sheave block?
  • What type of eye would you like – shackle or hook, and does it need a swivel?
  • What dia of rope will be used?
  • Do you require any slings or shackles?
  • Will any other equipment be required to ease or speed up the job?

Also known as:

Snatch Blocks | Pulley Blocks


Product Description

Sheave Blocks


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